5 Tips to keep your customers loyal!

Getting new customers can be a difficult task, but once you manage to get them to try your food, you need to make sure they have plenty of reasons to keep coming back to you, time after time.

Having your own App and online ordering system lets you tailor your service to your customers and even make it an individual experience that will make your customers feel wanted, appreciated and looked after.

Here are 5 quick tips that you should be able to do super easy with your App and online ordering system, that will help keep customers coming back.

1.Loyalty scheme

We all have a Nectar, Boots or Tesco card or similar in our wallets, or on our phones, so why not have one for your business. Giving your customers the opportunity to earn loyalty points, that gives them money off, or a free meal, is a great way to give something back to customers and they can see the benefit over and over. It is also a great way to keep customers loyal to your business and online ordering system.

2. Reminders to order or book

If your customers haven’t ordered in a few weeks, or it has been a month or so since they last booked a table, don’t be afraid to remind them you’re there. Send them a ‘We haven’t seen you in a while’ message, ideally coupled with an individual offer, to encourage them to place an order or make a booking.

3. VIP groups

Look after your best customers as they will not only keep spending with you, but they are most likely to recommend you to others as well. Set up a group of your top 50/100 customers and offer them special discounts or rewards. You can set this up to those who spend the most or who have made the most reservations and your system should handle the discounts for you.

4. Random gifts

Sometimes a random act of kindness can have a far greater effect than a standard reward. Why not send an offer to every 10th new customer, or £10 off, maybe even send everyone a 20% off your next order for being a great customer? These kinds of things not only generate orders, but they create excitement and ‘chatter’ which starts customers talking about your business to others and can gain you new customers.

5. Keep customer informed

Many restaurants have offers and promotions on their menus but that doesn’t mean your customers have seen them. Don’t be afraid to send out an email once a month with your current offers or any upcoming events, it helps keep them informed and it may be the first-time customers have seen the offer.

Getting your own online ordering and App is one thing, getting it to save you money and increase your profits is the hard bit. We work with our clients to make sure they are getting the most out of our service and they are generating as many orders and new customers as possible.

App4 provide a complete online ordering and mobile App service that allows you to implement all these tips and much more.

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