5 Ways App4 Make Managing Food & Drink Sites Much Easier

Maintaining quality and consistency across all of your food and drink sites can be difficult, especially when using a suite of software that does not adequately work together.

You rely heavily on your EPOS, delivery management systems, order management systems and other essential software/hardware. If they’re not communicating with one another, how do you expect them to deliver proper value?

The key to better management of your software across a large number of sites is integration.

But why is this important?

As your enterprise grows, chances are you’re finding it more and more difficult to accurately analyse how your stores/franchises are performing.

If the software you use is not properly integrated with your ordering system, how sure are you that the analytics you’re seeing are totally accurate?

Inaccurate analytics can hamper your ability to make sound business decisions in the long term.

This is where App4 come in. We build complete hospitality ordering systems and apps that integrate with all business systems, including your chosen EPOS and accounting software, bringing together all of your existing platform orders into one manageable product. From online ordering and sales data analysis through to tailored ordering kiosks and delivery management – we offer the only flexible turnkey solution that streamlines the management of multiple food and drink sites.

In this blog, we’ll run through 5 ways that our solution makes managing your growing business easier than ever before.

5 Ways App4 makes the management of multiple sites easier

Bring all your business software into one easy-to-use place
Between your EPOS, delivery management system, order management system and the other software your business uses, do you have a single source from which you can control everything?

App4 brings all of your chosen software into one convenient place. No matter what suite of software you use, we ensure that all the controls and data you require are collated, helping you maintain standards across the board and ensure that everyone, from head office to individual franchisees, have the business intelligence they need to thrive.

Integrate with your current EPOS solution.
Many of our competitors force you to integrate with their EPOS/software.
We don’t do that.

We will ensure that your online ordering system fully integrates with it, where capability exists.

We could even integrate with legacy systems if you’re not yet ready to change! Some of our clients have a mixed estate of hardware and software; we bring it all together and help make their internal and external processes slicker and more efficient. App4 effectively centralise all your billing and payments – nice and convenient!

Keep your digital brand consistent across all sites
You may have chosen to install payment kiosks across all of your sites. Does the branding and layout on your ordering kiosks match that of your app/website?

As we build custom code for each and every customer, we ensure that your digital branding and user experience is consistent, no matter where it’s featured.

We work across ordering kiosks, order management apps, menu/ordering websites, delivery management and business insights tools.

Keeping your brand consistent is a key way to bolster customer loyalty. It’s jarring if your brand appears/performs aberrantly across your different platforms. App4 ensure that your ordering platform appears and performs in a recognisable way, every time.

Control store level privileges and rights
Individual store managers/franchisees only need to access the specific features that are relevant to their site.

We provide our clients with unique, tight control over who can access what. Individual stores can access their own portal, making it quick and easy for them to manage their platform.

Reserve analytics for your head office team and encourage autonomy by allowing managers to update their menu (especially useful if something is out of stock!), run tailored offers and market to their customer base.

Simplify payments and billing
We take the headache out of billing and payments for your online orders with centralised payments and subscriptions managed by App4 and powered by Adyen.

Individual stores receive their funds without delay and any franchise fees or subscription charges can be automatically deducted and handled centrally.

Reporting is available at individual store and head office/master franchise level.

Enjoy a dedicated account manager
No App4 client is left on their own to manage their environment.
We are here to support your business at all levels and want to make it a consistent and quality service every time.

That’s why we provide each client with their own dedicated customer support agent. It’s their job to ensure you’re getting the most value possible out of your App4 solution.

On top of this, we also offer technical out-of-house support for unexpected issues, along with full training documentation and online help videos.

Upgrade to App4 today

We pride ourselves on making the process of switching to App4 as easy and seamless as possible.

All we need you to do is provide us with a vision of what you want and how you want your system to perform. We’ll do all the development, integrations and handle the onboarding, too.

When you’re ready to take back control of your online ordering, reduce costs and maximise your profits, speak to one of our specialists at App4, get in touch by clicking the link below.

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