A loyalty programme increases customer loyalty & spend

In recent weeks, we have seen Burger King and McDonalds launch their own loyalty schemes to encourage customers to stay loyal to their brand and to increase customer spend.

The loyalty schemes from these global brands enable customers to earn points with every purchase that they can then use to redeem against certain menu items for varying amounts of points.

In both cases, the loyalty scheme is managed through their own apps, and can be used online, instore and with drive-thru. By encouraging customers to interact with the business more often and digitally, it helps them to engage directly and more often with its customers and provide an individual experience based on each customer’s profile.

Offering loyalty and rewards schemes is nothing new, and App4 has been providing its clients with loyalty and rewards schemes for many years.  The key to making them successful is twofold.

Firstly, you need to have a loyalty scheme that is achievable by all, there is no point having a scheme that gives you a free burger once you have spent £1000, the average customer won’t spend that each year, let alone in a time frame they will see it as worthwhile.  Having various levels that trigger different levels of rewards can work better, like McDonalds who offer you free small fries after you have spent just £15, but to get a free Big Mac you need to have spent £40.

Secondly, you need it to be seamless, if it isn’t easy to earn and simple to claim then people won’t use it or value what it offers.  With App4 all signed up users are automatically entered into the loyalty scheme, they earn points with every order they place, and redeeming rewards is as simple as choosing their desired reward(s) at checkout.

Having your own loyalty scheme tied to your own online ordering is crucial in today’s digital food ordering market, not only because it helps you to own and retain your loyal customers, but it is proven to increase customer spend by as much as 20% and encourages your existing customers to purchase more frequently.

So, if you are looking for an online ordering solution with a built in loyalty programme to help retain your customers, increase order numbers, and grow your profits then get in touch with App4 today.

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