A thriving partnership – App 4 integrates with UrbanPiper to help food businesses thrive

UrbanPiper is a powerful integration platform supporting over 38,000 food brands globally and 111 million orders each month across twelve countries, including the UK, Ireland, France, and North America.

It helps transform the performance of restaurant businesses through its restaurant management platform that encompass powerful features including menu and order management, stock control, and delivery management. The system is designed to help food businesses boost efficiency, increase profits, and stay ahead of the competition.

How does it work?

With UrbanPiper you can manage all your food order management and delivery platforms on one dashboard, straight through to your single Epos system, meaning that less orders are missed, and order intake errors are reduced by managing everything in one place.

Your menus and stock management can also take place from the same interface, in real time, helping to improve order processing efficiencies, enhancing the experience for your customers.

Additionally, multiple venues can be pulled into the system to give you an overall picture of total business performance.

What is the benefit of the combined App4 / UrbanPiper System?

With App4 and UrbanPiper, your restaurant will have quicker order acceptance times so you can increase order intake. With faster delivery you will reduce the number of cancellations and create a better overall experience for your customers and start reaping the rewards of increased brand loyalty.

Not only that, but all our customers will also receive 24-hour support, whether by phone, email or Watsapp.

Additionally, like us, UrbanPiper don’t charge commissions on orders, making it easier for you to budget your monthly spend.

What makes this a strong partnership?

Well, our businesses come from similar origins with the growth of both companies very much driven by their entrepreneurial, dedicated and tech-savvy owners.

We also follow as a similar ethos, founded in our missions to build simple and reliable solutions that take the businesses of our customers to the next level. 

We are equally determined to create products that are driven by the requirements of our customers and never settle until we have it right.

And with both systems having an average up time of 99.98% you can rest assured that they are highly dependable.

For more information please send us an enquiry to sales@app4.co.uk or call 01332 418573

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