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A loyalty programme increases customer loyalty & spend

Having your own loyalty scheme tied to your own online ordering is crucial in today’s digital food ordering market, not only because it helps you to own and retain your loyal customers, but it is proven to increase customer spend by as much as 20% and encourages your existing customers to purchase more frequently.


What is D2C?  How can it grow your takeaway business?

In an industry where thousands of businesses have become accustomed to and reliant on large ‘aggregators’ to provide their online ordering services and link to consumers, many feel that serving your customers directly is no longer worthwhile, but this simply isn’t the case.

In an era when technology is affordable for all, where the supply of packaging is easy to source and delivery can even be paid for on-demand, there is nothing to stop any takeaway business marketing and selling direct to their customers.

butchers app

Derbyshire Butcher ‘Meats’ Demand with own App

Anthony Andrews Butchers in Duffield, Derbyshire believes in providing its customers with the finest quality meat and poultry, with food provenance being a high priority. Whilst the business is based on very traditional values, they have taken the technological leap and introduced a mobile app & online ordering system to allow their customers

online ordering fees

Save over £9000 with App4 compared to Flipdish & Slerp

App4 were probably one of the first businesses in the industry to use a cost saving calculator on our website.  We wanted businesses to easily calculate the savings they could make by getting their customers to order direct, rather than through the large online ordering portals. As you can imagine,

delivery management

Key Technology for Takeaway Businesses

Starting a small business in any sector is a big undertaking, even more so in a highly competitive sector like takeaway food.  From creating a business plan, to finding the right location, to hiring staff, to setting up your delivery, there is a lot you need to get sorted.

Before you can consider launching your business and opening your store to paying customers, you need to find the right systems that can help you manage, operate and grow your takeaway business.


3 tips to reduce chargebacks on your online orders

Whilst online ordering is quicker, safer, and more convenient than ever, there has been a steady increase in the number of chargebacks being received across the food delivery and takeout sector. Part of this increase is down to businesses making it easier for customers to request a refund or dispute

app4 integrations

Manage your deliveries with Shipday & App4

We are pleased to announce that App4 now integrates with Shipday to help restaurants and takeaways to manage their deliveries and drivers with ease. Manage all your deliveries and drivers using Shipday’s Live-tracking on Google Maps, which makes it easy for everyone— you, your driver, and the customer— to see

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