Team breakfast, office lunch or meal with your mates, but who’s ordering and paying?

We often have a team breakfast or lunch, so everyone can get together and have a catchup and chat freely in a relaxed environment.  The only small issue is deciding who is going to eat what and if we are splitting the bill or ‘the boss’ is paying.

What we ideally want is a really easy way for someone to setup the event, decide who is paying, and then let everyone pick and place their order themselves, that all gets sent to the venue as one order. So, to solve the problem, we built it ourselves!

App4 can now provide takeaways, restaurants and bars the ability to offer group ordering for delivery, collection, and table ordering.  The organiser of the order can choose to ‘be the boss’ and pay for everyone else, or they can choose to split the bill individually.  The organiser then simply sends a link via email, SMS, WhatsApp, or whichever messaging platform they prefer.

Those invited can then click the link, choose what they want from the menu, add on their name so it’s easy for the organiser and venue to know whose food and/or drinks who’s, and if it’s not the boss’s turn, they can make the payment online.

The organiser gets updated when people place their orders and can see who has ordered what.  Once everyone has placed their order the organiser simply picks what they want and checks out, and if the boss is paying, he pays for the whole order.

At this point the restaurant receives one order, all nicely broken down by the people on the order and they can prepare everything together. It’s that simple!

We think group ordering is great for everyone involved, the people ordering get to order what they want, pay how they want and know that it’s all gone through as a single order.

The venue receiving the order, now has a really easy way for large groups to order together, that allows them to even label up food for the correct individuals and they know what food is needed together, so they can manage their kitchen and preparation times effectively.

Group ordering is just one of the great features we offer at App4, to find out more about group ordering and what else we have to offer, contact us here or call 01332 418 573.