Are you ready for summer?

There is nothing quite like spending the afternoon in a great British beer garden or on an outdoor dining terrace. The umbrellas may be up and the tables ready, but are your ordering processes fit to cope with the additional demand that summer months bring for hospitality businesses, especially at a time of staff shortages within the industry?

Getting your service element just right when servicing outdoor and indoor customers simultaneously has never been more important.

There are numerous technology solutions that can help you offer an enhanced customer experience, one of which is at table ordering systems.

At table online ordering apps and QR code systems allow your customers to maximise their time to relax and enjoy themselves in your venue with all orders, whether drinks, snacks, food or even the table selection itself, taken care of at the tap of a button. Payment can also be taken at the time of order or the end of the visit.

Customers can remain seated throughout allowing you more space and ‘control’ over the serving and delivery of orders, avoiding the hustle and bustle of an at bar ordering experience. You can even offer your customers a choice of both systems, so they can choose the ordering experience that works best for them.

Any good ordering system will link through to your live order management dashboard, where your menu can be managed in real-time, disabling items or including add-ons with just a few clicks, so the customer facing information is accurate at all times.  This will help your staff to operate more efficiently and offer a slicker visitor experience for your customers.

Based on our customer feedback, table ordering has some huge benefits for hospitality businesses:

For the end user, it saves them on average 15-20 minutes in ordering time, allowing them to be uninterrupted by people having to get up and order. They are 50% more likely to place a second order whilst seated.

For your business it improves staff efficiency by as much as 20%, it increases the average consumer spend by 25%, and turns tables up to 20% faster.

Table ordering done right offers some massive benefits for hospitality businesses. Our latest case study with one of our long-standing clients Farmers Fayre highlights how they benefitted by successfully adopting at-table ordering. Read case study here.

To find out more about our at-table ordering solutions please contact our team at  or call us on 01332 418 573. We could have you up and running in as little as three weeks, just in time for summer!

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