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Manage all your business and customer data centrally

app4 business information dashboard

Gain valuable business insights using your order and customer data

Our intuitive back office includes a wide range of business reports designed to give you the information you need to improve your business, increase orders and engage with your customers.

Push, email and sms messaging tools

Use your customer data to grow

Unlike the 3rd party ordering platforms, with App4 you own all your customer data and you can use it to help grow your business.

Gain insights in to your top customers, order values and user activity so you can personalise your customers experience to increase customer loyalty.

Encourage one-time users to become loyal customers, by offering automated reminders and offers to place another order.

Process all your online orders together with App4

In-depth insights in just a few clicks

Whether you are looking for live restaurant data such as current orders and deliveries, or looking to check and update product stock levels, or export a set of data for further analysis in excel, everything is just a few clicks away via the App4 cloud based back office system.

Cloud based back office system
Customise reports or export to excel

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