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We help chains and franchises maintain quality and consistency

As any business grows in size and stores, maintaining the company brand, quality and level of service can become a real challenge. Our centralised management console gives all levels of the business the tools they need, whilst maintaining standards across the board.

centralised management system and back office

Central management console

As a brand or franchisor you can centrally control and manage all your stores, menus, offers and loyalty schemes from our intuitive and always available back office system.

The individual stores can also access their own area which you can control access level and restrict the areas they can update to help you maintain brand and business consistency.

Brand or master franchise level access
Control store level privileges and rights
Multi store selector and postcode finder

Find your nearest store

When you have several outlets close together it can be difficult for customers to locate the nearest store that offers the services they need.

Our store locator system allows the customer to enter their postcode or start typing their address to find the nearest store that offers delivery or collection.

Find a store by postcode or address
List updated by opening & closing times
Centralised payment system and refunds

Simplified payments and billing

We take the headache out of billing and payments for your online orders with centralised payments and subscriptions managed by App4 and powered by Stripe.

Individual stores receive their funds without delay and any franchise fees or subscription charges can be automatically deducted and handled centrally.

Reporting is available at individual store and head office / master franchise level for invoicing and VAT.

dedicated customer support

Dedicated customer support

We are here to support your business at all levels and want to make it a consistent and quality service every time.

To achieve this we can provide a dedicated customer support agent to manage all your stores and accounts.

On top of this we offer technical out of hours support for those unexpected issues, along with full training documentation and online help videos.

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