‘Digital dining’ is here to stay…

During the worst of the pandemic, many businesses were forced to turn to digital platforms supporting their businesses to survive through national and local lockdowns and the associated restrictions on their business.

App and web platforms allowed restauranteurs to continue having a direct line of communication with their customers when covid safety measures may not have previously allowed them.

Business’ such as App4 became more in-demand than they had formerly experienced as their digital solutionsallowed the customer to take orders, manage times on click and collect and take payments without any need to come face-to-face with the customer. In turn this allowed cash flow to remain at a good level for the business as they could continue to run safely and smoothly, whilst also minimizing staff levels and costs.

For many customers the use of technology has become routine when they look to order a takeaway, replacing the traditional phone call. It is expected that as restaurants re-open their dining in facilities that owners will see a shift and decline in takeaway ordering however, this does not mean they should abandon their new found ordering systems.

App4 platforms can offer so much more than just off-premise ordering.  Our solutions can be adapted to support the needs of the business. One of our solutions, Order-at-table is a great way for restaurants to enable those customers that have supported them through lockdown to feel comfortable when visiting the business to dine-in. Having customers use your branded on-premise solution to order at table is not only cost efficient, but also less labour intensive, meaning you can manage your business with less serving staff.  At a time when funds and staff shortages are concerns in the hospitality industry, this can be a huge help.

In the coming months it is important for restaurants to see their revenue increase substantially as furlough payments, rent payments (which were postponed) and increases in VAT will all be reaching their deadline.

Turning tables will be paramount for the hospitality industry so a smooth and streamlined experience will need to be created in order to make it happen. Order and pay-at-table for customers via one of our solutions removes the process of waiting for the bill, meaning that guests can leave as soon as they are ready – not forgetting numerous studies have shown customers spend more through online/digital channels meaning an increased revenue for your business!

The pandemic has not only evolved the way businesses operate, but how guests dine and the experience that the business provides them.

At App4 we understand that using an app to order digitally may not be for everyone, customers will appreciate the fact they have the choice, helping your business to succeed as we begin to come out of lockdown.

There has been major change in everyone’s routine but we are working to help your business make sure that your customers don’t forget about you as they move to create new habits and move on from Covid.

Get in touch today to find out what we can do for your business: email sales@app4.co.uk or call us on 01332 742 511

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