Highly recommend App4 to other restaurants

Before we had online ordering the only way to order a takeaway or collection was for our customers to pick up the phone, which could take as long as 10-15 minutes for each order, which was very time consuming and not the most convenient process for our customers.

Realising that we were wasting time and money we contacted App4 as they could provide us with both a Mobile App and website for online ordering in one system. They could brand and customise this to our business, rather than us being listed in a long directory with others, like you get with some of the online portals.

After signing up with App4 we went through a design process for the App and website, which was crucial for us to make sure it all fitted in with our branding and company image. The process took a week or two, but App4 were very good and listened to our needs and we quite quickly ended up with the right fit for our business.

Once the App was built we were then sent our equipment, everything all contained in a single box. We literally took everything out, plugged it all in and after a short training call with the App4 office we were up and running in around 20 minutes.

One thing that we were very specific about was our need for a certain layout on our receipts and to have them all branded, and this was done without any issues by App4.

Since going live with App4 we have had no issues at all, we plugged it all in the day we went live, and it has worked brilliantly ever since.

We receive a high proportion of our takeaway and collection orders through our App and we regularly use the built-in marketing tools to promote new dishes, offers and events and it really does have an impact on the order numbers we receive.

I would highly recommend App4 to other restaurants and takeaways as they provide a very professional service, that is great value for money and they are always available to help if we need it.