How Can App4 Improve Your Customer Experience

What do the most successful, growing food and drink businesses have in common?

They prioritise their customer service across all platforms. 

In any food and drink business, customer experience is paramount.

This is no surprise to anyone in the business. However, it’s very easy to neglect, or to take our customers for granted. 

So, how can App4 help you improve your customer experience across all your sites, and what kind of ROI can you expect to see by investing in better customer service? We’ll be answering these questions in this blog – let’s get started. 

How can App4 improve your customer experience?

Easy to use and order via your own website/app

All of our apps/websites are built with the customer in mind at all times. 

We make it quick and easy to order food and drink from a location close to them. The easier the process, the more likely a customer will order (and continue to order in the future).

A clunky interface and awkward ordering process can prevent customers from ordering with you again. 

Own your data & provide real-time updates

By using App4 and moving away from aggregators, you own all of your customer data and can contact customers as and when required. 

This means you can give real-time updates to them following an order. 

For example, say an order is unexpectedly late. Rather than relying on a third-party to get in touch, you can contact them directly, apologise for the delay, bolster your relationship with the customer and encourage them to order again with a cheeky discount!

Click & collect, delivery or eat in-store

Flexibility is the key to a great customer experience.

Your repeat customers may not always want to order in the same way. Sometimes they might want delivery, other times they may want to collect as they drive past. 

They may even want to pop in, order via a kiosk/QR table ordering service, and have their food at a table on premises. 

Your app/website ordering system needs to be flexible enough to handle everything – a single, complete ordering system. 

At App4, we build ordering systems bespoke to your needs. Pick and choose the features you need and integrate with your chosen software. Easy & efficient for you, and much, much better for your customers. 

QR-enabled, pay at table service

As touched on earlier, QR-enabled, pay at table services are growing in popularity across food and drink establishments in the UK. 

There is something very appealing about ordering from the comfort of your table. 

In fact, having a convenient ordering system can increase orders by 15-20%. If it’s quick, easy and convenient to order food and drink straight to the table, you’re effectively removing a barrier (needing to go to the bar), making customers far more likely to order more and stay for longer. 

Kiosk ordering systems

Kiosk ordering systems reduce the number of touchpoints needed before an order. 

Less touchpoints = less tasks for your staff to worry about. 

We understand just how difficult it is finding great staff who truly perform. Understaffing puts a significant amount of pressure on your people, which is why many food and drink businesses are embracing Kiosk ordering systems with open arms!


  • Take ordering pressure away from staff
  • Improve staff efficiency by roughly 25%
  • Allow your staff to focus on providing a better service

Your kiosks can be fully branded and customised to meet your unique style and functionality needs. We build every system bespoke, not to templates, meaning that your menu can look exactly how you’d like. No compromises!

What are the benefits of improving your customer experience?

Higher average spend

On average, a better ordering experience and better overall customer experience results in an increased average spend of £5 per order. 

People tend to add more products when the ordering system is slick, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. Get this right and you’ll drive better profits across your sites. 

Better reviews and reputation

If your experience is consistent across all of your sites, you’ll develop a good reputation which, in turn, will help drive more footfall. 

While, yes, your food and drink quality may vary slightly depending on chef experience, ingredient availability and other variables, having a slick and consistent ordering experience ensures that it’s not jarring when a customer visits a different site. 

Cohesion across all of your sites is key, as this helps solidify you as a trusted brand (one that customers want to return to!).

More repeat custom

If it’s easy to order with you, people will come back.

If it’s not easy to order with you, people won’t bother.

It’s as simple as that. 

Good food and drink are, of course, important, but a great customer experience is almost as essential.

Save on staffing costs

As mentioned, a solid digital ordering system helps dramatically cut down on your staffing requirements, saving you money and helping to positively impact your bottom line. 

Cut down on staffing costs, improve staff efficiency, reduce wait times and improve your customer experience – what more could you need?

Improve your ordering system, improve your customer experience

At App4, we build ordering platforms and apps that integrate with all business systems. These ordering platforms help to dramatically improve your customer experience, build brand loyalty and deliver a better service to customers. 

Whether you’re growing your chain, operating a multi-vendor facility or moving away from aggregators, our solutions help you to create a professional, personalised ordering system, one that your customers and staff will love. 

The best thing? We do all the work; you tell us what you need, we’ll handle the build and integration into any existing systems. Get your journey started by getting in touch with our specialist team today.

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