How to Move Away from Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo

Delivery aggregators like Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo are taking a huge cut from small food delivery businesses & franchises just like yours. 

You’re doing all the work, they could be taking 30%+ of your profits. 

Yeah, that’s fair.

In this blog, we’re going to talk to you about a different way of doing business; a way that means you can keep your hard-earned profits for yourself, all while taking back control of your food delivery business.

Why move away from delivery aggregators?

As you’re probably well aware, Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo and other delivery aggregators take a healthy commission on every single transaction managed through their platform. 

But what if we told you that you didn’t need to use them? That you could see significantly more profits by building your own bespoke platform that helps manage all of your locations?

Introducing: App4 – we build hospitality ordering systems for growing food and drink businesses. When you have your own app, website and order-at-table solution, you effectively own the entire delivery process (more on this a little later). 

So, rather than paying in excess of 30% per order to aggregators, you’re able to increase your profits by 20% or more, boost staff efficiency by 25% and grow your orders by 15-20%.

It’s a win for everyone (apart from the aggregators!). Here are 7 benefits of moving away from aggregators and taking control of your profits:

7 benefits of moving away from delivery aggregators

Increase profits

As mentioned, by operating through your own app and platform, you are in full control. Aggregators are no longer able to take huge chunks of your profits. 

This leaves you with more capital to invest in growing your business, opening more sites or improving your menu/service. 

Drive repeat custom

Chances are, the majority of your orders come from the same people, week on week. 

Once people have a favourite place to eat, they’ll come back time and time again. If you can encourage them to download your app or to order through your website, they’re almost guaranteed to use that every single time, especially if it’s slightly cheaper for them!

People will happily use your app to save some money. Not only that, but once your app is on their phone, every time they unlock it, you’re right there. 

Own your customer data

How great would it be to own your customer data? To be able to get in touch if there’s any issues, or to market to them directly when you’re running an offer? 

Aggregators keep your customer data locked down as this is how they control your business. If you move away from aggregators, you can communicate with your customers as much as you want, offering them unique deals and ensuring they’re happy with the service you’re providing. 

Imagine a situation where you’re running a little late; you can proactively get in touch with your customer and let them know, perhaps offer a discount for their next order. Better service for them, better reputation for your brand. 

Owning customer data allows you to nip issues in the bud before they grow out of proportion. 

Improve in-house service

Many App4 clients are choosing to have a QR-based, pay and order at table service integrated into their platform alongside the delivery tools. 

This means that customers who prefer your in-house experience can head into their local site, order through their phone and have their food quickly and conveniently delivered to their table. 

Solve staff shortages

Not only is the above pay and order at table service great for customers, it’s also a lifesaver for your staff!

Finding great staff is a huge pain for most growing food & drink businesses. Having a convenient app for ordering could dramatically reduce the number of staff you require.

Not only that, but it makes your existing staff significantly more efficient, as most ordering is handled automatically, leaving them with more time to deliver a better service. 

Integrate with your EPOS system

Managing your EPOS over several sites/franchises can be incredibly difficult. 

You can fully integrate your EPOS with your app/website, meaning that all orders from every store are automatically added into your system. 

This makes it significantly easier to monitor all of your stores from one central location. You’ll have full control over what each store can and can’t do, there is little-to-no training needed and you will be able to take your earnings directly. 

Bring everything together into one convenient place

Admin likely takes up a lot of your time. 

Having your own ordering system effectively cuts out a significant amount of it, automating processes and making it significantly easier to manage multiple stores.

Aggregators market my business, surely I can’t lose that?

Yes, we understand that much of your business likely comes from aggregators; turning off that tap would be a bad move, right?

Well, no – not at all. 

Many businesses exactly like yours have successfully migrated over to owning their own app/website ordering system. 

Say, for example, you migrate roughly 80% of your regular customers over to your platform. You’ll see significantly more profit from each customer, and they’ll order more as your prices are often slightly lower on your app. 

Here are some ways that App4 customers have migrated their customer base over to their new ordering system:

Slowly phase out aggregators

You don’t need to stop using aggregators just because you’ve got your own app now.

We recommend running both in tandem while you tell everyone about your new app. Over time, as your users grow, you’ll be able to phase out aggregators entirely. 

Include a QR code in your deliveries

As you’ll still be taking orders through Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo and other aggregators, why not stick a QR code on your packaging, one that directs customers to your menu and lets them know how to order direct (for less). 

Let them know it’s cheaper to order from you directly and they’ll almost always use it.

Create a custom voicemail message

A custom voicemail message that directs customers to your website is a superb way to raise awareness of your new ordering system. 

If you ever miss a call, this means that they have a quick and convenient alternative to ordering with you. Good for them and great for you!

Send out a ‘joining offer’ for using your app/website

Provide a discount code for anyone who makes the switch. 

All you need is for a customer to register and use your app/website once, then you have their details for marketing purposes. 

Make your discount as enticing as possible, be that a 10% discount or a free menu item. Whatever works for your business. 

Ready to make the switch?

At App4, we’re flipping the script, putting the power back into the hands of growing hospitality businesses, increasing your profits, scrapping commission fees and helping to ease staffing shortages.

It’s time to make your ordering experience the envy of the competition. Whether your customers prefer ordering via an app or website, at a kiosk or from their table, the App4 platform gives you everything you need to take control and streamline the ordering process, without aggregators eating your profits. 

When you’re ready to discuss the future of your ordering system, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our specialists today.

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