Paying even 5% on your orders is too much!

Online and mobile ordering for restaurants, takeaways and quick service food businesses is a must have if you want to compete and have a profitable business, but you also need to make sure you keep hold of every penny you can!

We all know what the big online ordering portals charge and no one likes the 20 to 30% of every order that is kept for letting you receive orders from your regular customers, but even some of the smaller businesses, that claim to care, still charge you a percentage on every order.  It soon adds up to a lot of your money going in someone else’s bank.

To highlight this, we thought we would show you what paying these orders fees really adds up to, and how having a fixed fee, compared to even a low %, can make a huge difference.

So, to make things easy we will use some figures from a recent App4 customer who has moved over from another provider, so it is based on real numbers from a real business.

This business took £6,200 in their first month of trading (well 24 days) and with App4 they were charged £156.  They did have some card provider fees, which equated to £74, so in total their costs were £230 for the month, including VAT.

Their old supplier charged them 10% on every order, 65p for any order paid by card and added VAT on top of everything.  If they had done the same orders with them it would have cost them £620 + £150 + £154, giving a grand total of £924.

In just one month they saved £694, and looking at their current months orders, they will be saving more than £1,000 this month, just 2 months in.

If they had done the same orders on an online ordering portal, their costs could have been even higher, they could have been looking at charges in the region of £1,700-£1,800, which would have equated to a monthly saving of almost £1,500 or more, when compared with App4.

Paying any sort of order fee, even as low as 5%, will still cost significantly more and will only increase as your order numbers do.  With App4 the price is fixed, yes you have some card fees to pay, but even with them added in you are more than likely to be saving £1,000’s a year.

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