Save up to £3.55 on every online order!

After talking to hundreds of takeaway owners on a regular basis a reoccurring topic that comes up is the cost of their online orders.

To break it down we get all their invoices out for the ordering portals, delivery services, App providers and ‘food hubs’, so we can work out accurately the true cost of an online order.

The table below looks at the business we come across most regularly, and it clearly shows that working with a company that really is transparent about its prices, can save you £1000’s.

As the numbers show, a takeaway could easily be losing £4 on every £20 order, taking orders through an online portal like Just-Eat, which equates to 20% of their income.

When considering other online ordering and App providers the cost per order can still be as much as £1.20 per order, which many don’t see as a total amount, as the companies tend to split it across monthly fees, order fees, card fees, processing fees and other ‘hidden charges’.

With your own system from App4 you can significantly reduce your costs. A typical App4 customers average order cost is 45p, saving a whopping £3.55 compared to the big portals and up to £0.75 on every single order against the others. When you multiply this up by 500 or 1000 orders a month, you could have an extra £225 to £3550 in your bank every single month. 

App4 provide complete solution for online ordering, mobile apps, customer loyalty, online marketing and business reporting, for a fixed monthly fee with NO commissions or hidden charges.

If you want to start saving £1000’s a month and stop giving away £4 on every single order, give us a call on 01332 742511 or click here to arrange a call back

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