Shipday and App4 help to manage all your deliveries & drivers

Integrate App4 with Shipday to manage all your deliveries and drivers with ease.

Shipday’s software and Apps automatically run your deliveries by keeping drivers, staff, and customers in sync in real-time — so you can focus on growing your business!


Connect App with Shipday to automatically add your orders so you can easily manage yoru deliveries & drivers.


Automatically manage deliveries with your own drivers and commission-free third-party delivery services.


Scale your delivery business as much as you want hassle-free, and without the overhead cost.

Powering deliveries for restaurants, ghost kitchens, ultra-fast grocery delivery, and others.

Automate deliveries, track drivers in real time, and allow customers to leave instant feedback on their delivery experience.

Save time on logistics

Automate the delivery process

Keep customers updated

With our delivery-tracking link

Increase your profitability

Avoid commissions on deliveries

Centralise your delivery

No more juggling between apps

App4 are leading the way in helping local food & drink businesses to grow their profits.

App4 has been growing its community of restaurant partners for the last 8 years.  App4 have already helped its partners save millions in potential commissions and we want to help even more local restaurants, takeaways, cafes and pubs to benefit.

6.6 million

Number of orders processed by App4 partners 

£38 million

Potential commissions saved by App4 partners

£5.75 per order

Average amount saved per order through App4