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make 2020 the best year yet
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4 tips to help make 2020 the best year ever

2020 is going to be an interesting year for the UK with some huge political changes, leaving the EU and the food sector having to adopt to a changing customer profile. At App4 we think there is a massive opportunity for food businesses to make 2020 their best year ever, and

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Can an Order-at-Table App add value to your business?

For many years Apps have ruled the roost when it comes to ordering takeaways and deliveries but there has been a growth in ‘Order-at-Table’ Apps in the last 12 months within the hospitality trade, but can they really add any value to your business? So, what is Order-at-Table, well it

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Restaurant App Best Practices

When your business has an app, it makes it far easier for a consumer to order your products and services or check out your offerings on their phone. Not that using a search engine is an arduous task, but how often have you gone to search for something and gotten

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Bring together more than 1,200 leaders in restaurant technology and you’re sure to hear nonstop speculation about which advances will next disrupt the business. Here are some of the predictions that caught our attention at FSTEC. Facial recognitionTwo years ago, the notion of using a facial scan to identify and

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The restaurant & takeaway sector is changing, don’t get left behind!

The recent FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT MARKET REPORT for 2018 looked at what factors are influencing businesses investing in the sector. Results of a survey indicate that time-poor customers are seeking greater convenience and healthier options. Street food has become the trend most identified by companies, while meat-free eating was identified

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What should it cost to get my own App?

With an array of service providers, App developers and online services offering you the ability to build your own App, it can be a confusing choice about what you need and what you might need to spend to get what you require to succeed. Like buying a car, there are

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How to easily get your own Online Ordering & Mobile App

Getting your own online ordering & App or swapping from your current supplier should be much easier if you follow this guide. One of the biggest perceived hurdles you’ll encounter with a new system is it will take up lots of your time and money and you don’t know if

app for restaurants

Order at Table, is it a gimmick or can it add value?

In the last 12 months there has been a huge increase in the number of large food and beverage businesses offering ‘Order-at-table’ through their branded mobile App, including McDonald’s, Wetherspoons, Five Guys and Pizza Express. The greatest benefit to the customer is relaxed choice, they can simply sit down, browse

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