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customer loyalty

A loyalty programme increases customer loyalty & spend

Having your own loyalty scheme tied to your own online ordering is crucial in today’s digital food ordering market, not only because it helps you to own and retain your loyal customers, but it is proven to increase customer spend by as much as 20% and encourages your existing customers to purchase more frequently.

app for restaurants

Restaurant App Best Practices

When your business has an app, it makes it far easier for a consumer to order your products and services or check out your offerings on their phone. Not that using a search engine is an arduous task, but how often have you gone to search for something and gotten

customer loyalty

5 Tips to keep your customers loyal!

Getting new customers can be a difficult task, but once you manage to get them to try your food, you need to make sure they have plenty of reasons to keep coming back to you, time after time. Having your own App and online ordering system lets you tailor your

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