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Don’t want to pay Preoday / QikServe Fees?

At App4, we believe charging a fixed monthly fee is the best way for businesses to pay for their online ordering and yes, we charge a card fee, at normal commercial rates, but everything else is wrapped up in a single, affordable and most importantly, fixed monthly fee. We include

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Your business, your customers, your profits!

When talking to restaurant and takeaway owners considering getting their own online ordering system I am often asked “Why do I need my own system?” The short answer is without it you will lose customers and see your order numbers and profits fall. 

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Adding technology to your restaurant could grow your order values

Restaurant owners who are undecided about updating their ordering and payment processes could be at risk of missing the boat on a 40% uplift in customer spend. Research by PYMNTS in America, showed that the average customer picked 5 out of 20 technology features that could influence them to place

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Restaurants prices set to rise as firms struggle with surge in costs

Trade body UK Hospitality says its members – battered by two years of pandemic disruption and a Christmas marred by the Omicron variant – now face higher costs for energy, labour, food, drink, and insurance. A survey by UK Hospitality found that prices across the sector were set to increase

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Commissions or Monthly Fee?

When looking at an online ordering system for your takeaway or restaurant, you will be faced with the decision of paying a commission on every order or paying a monthly fee, plus a small card fee per order. Each payment method has its positives and negatives, and it is very

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5 ways to attract more customers

The most tried and tested way to get new customers is through recommendation or ‘word of mouth.  When your own customers tell others about how amazing your food is, how efficient your deliveries are and how simple and quick it is to order on your brand-new app.  But in todays


Your online store is as important as your physical one!

On my lunch break the other day, I decided to have a walk round town whilst the weather was nice as apparently, it’s meant to be good for you. I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple of new food businesses that had opened, almost opposite each other; one specialising

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