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restaurant technology increases order values
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Adding technology to your restaurant could grow your order values

Restaurant owners who are undecided about updating their ordering and payment processes could be at risk of missing the boat on a 40% uplift in customer spend. Research by PYMNTS in America, showed that the average customer picked 5 out of 20 technology features that could influence them to place

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Customers want to see more tech in restaurants, research shows

A recent survey carried out by OpenTable showed that 43% of consumers were keen to see businesses adopt new technologies and over half of the UK is expecting to see restaurants introduce new technology to booking and ordering system over the next 12 months. The survey showed that Millennials and


How technology can help tackle restaurant staff shortages

Ever since the start of the pandemic, restaurant owners have been looking forward to ‘returning to normal’, but they have continually been hit by a variety of challenges. A challenge which shows no sign of easing in the near future is staff shortages, either through lack of qualified people, European

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People don’t want to download an app anymore, do they?

During a sales call yesterday I was presented with a very good question; ‘Do people still want to download an App to order anymore?’ The short response is YES they do, but we also need to understand that some customers may not want to, and we need to cater for

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Why you should not be ditching table ordering!

This weekend I finally experienced the ‘normal’ way of ordering a drink and I must say it has put me off going back to a business I used to visit on a regular basis. Prior to July 19th they used a QR code ordering system that allowed me to pick

open up beer garden with app4 mobile app
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App4 working with Pubs to help them reopen

App4 have seen a huge increase in the number of pubs and bars looking to embrace App technology to help them prepare for reopening on the 4th of July, hopefully! WA Pubs have been working with App4 to enable them to reopen as soon as possible, giving their customers the

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