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Commissions or Monthly Fee?

When looking at an online ordering system for your takeaway or restaurant, you will be faced with the decision of paying a commission on every order or paying a monthly fee, plus a small card fee per order. Each payment method has its positives and negatives, and it is very

5 ways to attract more customers

The most tried and tested way to get new customers is through recommendation or ‘word of mouth.  When your own customers tell others about how amazing your food is, how efficient your deliveries are and how simple and quick it is to order on your brand-new app.  But in todays

App4 & Basement Browns

Safeguard the future of your food business with app and mobile technology

It goes without saying that it’s been a tough time for hospitality business owners, with many establishments only partially open or fully closed over the last year or so.  The past year has prompted huge changes in the hospitality sector, with many businesses adapting and pivoting their offering to be

bigger slice of the online order profits

Steve’s top tips for a bigger slice of the profits

How do I move my customers from the online portals to my own website and App? This is the big question I want to answer for our customers and other takeaways. The big online businesses spend £millions in cost per acquisition per customer. This could be from national advertising, TV

true cost of online orders

Save up to £3.55 on every online order!

After talking to hundreds of takeaway owners on a regular basis a reoccurring topic that comes up is the cost of their online orders. To break it down we get all their invoices out for the ordering portals, delivery services, App providers and ‘food hubs’, so we can work out accurately

make 2020 the best year yet

4 tips to help make 2020 the best year ever

2020 is going to be an interesting year for the UK with some huge political changes, leaving the EU and the food sector having to adopt to a changing customer profile. At App4 we think there is a massive opportunity for food businesses to make 2020 their best year ever, and

The restaurant & takeaway sector is changing, don’t get left behind!

The recent FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT MARKET REPORT for 2018 looked at what factors are influencing businesses investing in the sector. Results of a survey indicate that time-poor customers are seeking greater convenience and healthier options. Street food has become the trend most identified by companies, while meat-free eating was identified

4 ways you could increase order values

How can we increase the amount of money our customers spend? This is a common question we are asked by our clients and I’m sure the answer is one every takeaway and restaurant would love to know. The simple answer is “give the customer what they want and they will

5 Tips to keep your customers loyal!

Getting new customers can be a difficult task, but once you manage to get them to try your food, you need to make sure they have plenty of reasons to keep coming back to you, time after time. Having your own App and online ordering system lets you tailor your

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