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The restaurant & takeaway sector is changing, don’t get left behind!

The recent FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT MARKET REPORT for 2018 looked at what factors are influencing businesses investing in the sector. Results of a survey indicate that time-poor customers are seeking greater convenience and healthier options. Street food has become the trend most identified by companies, while meat-free eating was identified

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4 ways you could increase order values

How can we increase the amount of money our customers spend? This is a common question we are asked by our clients and I’m sure the answer is one every takeaway and restaurant would love to know. The simple answer is “give the customer what they want and they will

customer loyalty

5 Tips to keep your customers loyal!

Getting new customers can be a difficult task, but once you manage to get them to try your food, you need to make sure they have plenty of reasons to keep coming back to you, time after time. Having your own App and online ordering system lets you tailor your

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How many new customers did you get last month?

Lots of businesses spend £100’s a month on advertising and marketing to drum up new customers and increase sales, but how many new orders / customers do they actually get each month?  Many have no idea, some keep a basic tally, and a few could give you a good guess.

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Paying even 5% on your orders is too much!

Online and mobile ordering for restaurants, takeaways and quick service food businesses is a must have if you want to compete and have a profitable business, but you also need to make sure you keep hold of every penny you can! We all know what the big online ordering portals

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We saved £120,000 on our online orders!

What would you do with an extra £120,000? Would you buy a new car, pay off your mortgage, have a nice holiday or even pay yourself a decent wage! It sounds like a massive sum of money that must be made up, but this is taken direct from just one

food ordering portal

A viable alternative to online ordering portals!

Many takeaway and restaurant businesses are looking for an alternative to the large online ordering porttals that charge huge commissions but they are faced with a minefield of services that claim to offer a complete solution for just a few pounds a week. The big online ordering portals have a

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