Time to ‘Flip’ your online ordering provider?

Right now, the price of everything seems to be going up and up, and many businesses are looking for ways to reduce costs and if possible, fix them for as long as possible.

Whilst changing your gas and electricity supplier is nearly impossible right now, changing your online ordering provider is relatively straight forward and could offer you some impressive savings WITHOUT having to sacrifice on service and functionality, in fact, you could be better off!

Over the last few months, we have been talking to many customers who have been using Flipdish for their online ordering, and many are starting to realise that paying 5-10% commission on every order, whilst much cheaper than the large platforms like Just Eat, is still quite a large chunk of the profit on every order.

We have also been told that the costs don’t just end with the commissions, if you then want to do additional marketing, custom websites or get some promotional materials like flyers and stickers, you must pay more on top.

Below is a real example of App4 versus Flipdish, for a 3-outlet business, who previously paid 6% on all orders to Flipdish, before moving to App4.

1 Months Orders Qty (£s)750 (£15,772.50)
Flipdish costs @ 6%£946.35
Actual App4 Costs£499.82
Monthly Saving with App4£446.53
Annual Saving with App4£5,358.36
Data correct as of April 2022

These figures are from the first month of trading with App4, generating a saving of almost £450 compared to what they would have previously paid to Flipdish, and we only expect this to increase further, as we help them to increase the number of customers ordering direct through their own online ordering system.

App4 believe everything should be included as standard, all wrapped up in a flat monthly fee, that stays the same no matter how many orders you take, and you pay a commercial card fee, based on the size of your business.

We include a marketing pack for all customers as standard, including SMS, email & push messaging, as well as social media advertising and app stickers to promote your online ordering to your customers.

At a time when reducing your costs is imperative and ensuring you get the best service without being over charged, App4 have a solution that can help many businesses to put money back in their own pockets, and to make sure that lasts, we will guarantee our prices won’t change for the next 2 years!

If you are looking for a Flipdish alternative, or any using any other online ordering service charging commissions, and would rather have a solution that provides everything you need for a fixed and affordable fee, contact us now on 01332 418 573 or click here to arrange a call back.

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