Transforming The Customer Experience with Self-Service Kiosks

How strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technology can drive operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

TJ’s Takeaway, located in the renowned Parkfoot Holiday Park in Ullswater, Cumbria, is a popular destination for hot food and snacks among park and local residents. Over the years, TJ’s has partnered with App4 to implement their app and online ordering services, which have significantly boosted customer orders, saved staff time, and increased order values.

Despite the ample kitchen capacity at TJ’s, limited serving space often led to long queues and customer frustration during peak times. While many customers preferred ordering via the app or QR code, a significant portion still opted for in-person ordering, causing bottlenecks at the counter with only one till and one staff member available.

app4 and melford kiosk at Tjs parkfoot holiday park

TJ’s needed a solution to address these challenges and enhance their service offerings. They aimed to serve more customers without hiring additional staff, optimise unused space, bridge the gap between App and in-person ordering, integrate seamlessly with existing systems, and ensure ongoing support and expansion capabilities.

“The self-service kiosk has helped us enhance customer service and improve the customer experience, I’m so impressed that I am thinking of adding a second one before the summer season arrives.”

Mark Foudy, TJ’s Bar & Restaurant Manager

In collaboration with Melford Technologies, App4 provided a comprehensive solution tailored to TJ’s exact requirements. This included designing and branding the kiosk interface, setting up the menu and inventory, integrating with kitchen printers and online ordering, facilitating card payments, on-site installation and setup, staff training, and next-day onsite hardware support.

The solution ensured a seamless experience for both customers and staff. The self-service kiosks have recently been installed at TJ’s Bar & Restaurant, and have already begun to revolutionise the customer experience. By reducing waiting times and saving staff time, the kiosks have received a lot of positive feedback. As the holiday season progresses, TJ’s anticipates further improvements in customer experience and average order values.

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