We saved £120,000 on our online orders!

What would you do with an extra £120,000? Would you buy a new car, pay off your mortgage, have a nice holiday or even pay yourself a decent wage!

It sounds like a massive sum of money that must be made up, but this is taken direct from just one of App4’s customers actual statistics.

Since joining App4 they have processed over 22,500 orders through their App and website, totalling almost £600,000 in revenue. If these orders had been put through an online ordering portal, like they used to use, they would have had to pay around £120,000, or more, in commissions and admin fees.

This business isn’t a unique example, in fact on average our customers, new and old, save a minimum of £10,000 a year, but many are saving much more.

App4 charge a flat fee with no other charges from App4. There are card fees to pay, direct to card processor, but nothing else.

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