Reduce waiting times, improve staff efficiency and increase average order values


Quick and easy to use
self-service ordering kiosks

Whether you are looking to combat staff shortages, reduce in-store queues, or offer a simple and quick way to order, self-service kiosks are great way to set your business apart from your competition.

Reduce Customer Waiting Times

Kiosks are a great way to reduce queue times by allowing up to 4 orders a minute to be placed with payment taken straight away with integrated card terminal.


Serve customers up to 5 times faster with self-service kiosks


Staff can save up to 20% in time by not having to manually take orders

Increase Order Values

Not only can orders be placed quickly, but kiosks are proven to increase the number of items bought, increasing order values by 20-30%.

£5 +

Average order price on kiosk orders can be £5 or more than those placed in person


Customers are more likely to purchase extras and upgrades when using a kiosk

waterside holiday parks self service kiosks

Improve customer experience

Customers love kiosks too, it allows them to easily browse the menu, customise their orders and place their orders accurately and effortlessly.

More time to browse the menu
Easier to customise their orders
Menu management with App4 back office

Manage Your Menu in Real Time

With the kiosk connected to your App4 online ordering system, you can easily manage your menu in real time, turning off items or disabling a topping that is out of stock.

Easily pause items out of stock
Menus always kept up to date
manage your business in real-time with App4

Manage Your Orders Together

With all orders sent through to your App4 order terminal or your POS*, everything is centrally managed and straightforward for the kitchen to prepare and process the orders.

Integrate your platform orders using our integration partners and you can have a complete picture of all your orders in one place.

We provide the tech and you run your business!

We provide you with the complete solution for your online ordering, marketing, payment and loyalty. All we need you to do is run your business how you normally would, we do the rest.


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Online Ordering

Order takeaway, delivery, click & collect or pre-order in advance

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QR Code Order & Pay with no need to signup or download an app

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Look after your loyal customers with individual rewards & discounts

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Delivery Management

Manage deliveries, drivers and delivery areas all from one place

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Digital Marketing

Engage with customers via Email, push and SMS messages

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Reports and insights to help you manage your business effectively

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