Your business, your customers, your profits!

When talking to restaurant and takeaway owners considering getting their own online ordering system I am often asked “Why do I need my own system?” The short answer is without it you will lose customers and see your order numbers and profits fall. 

So, what makes having your own online ordering so important?

You own your customers

With 3 major platforms and dozens of local portals to choose from it seems like an easy option to list your business and receive your orders, but are these customers really yours?  They may order from you on a regular basis and love your food, but they can also be easily swayed to try another business in the same area, and you have NO control over this.

Having your own online ordering system means you own your customers.  You can engage with them directly and reward them for being regular loyal customers, and you get rewarded with increased order numbers and higher average order values.

You earn more per order

Another downside to the portals is the cost, you could be giving away anything from 7.5-35% of the total order value, on every single order, and these costs can only increase with time.  Your customers might also be paying a service or admin fee when ordering, which goes to the provider, not you.

You could be giving away anything from 40-80% of your profits and with the increasing costs of ingredients, energy, and staff, you could very quickly be cooking for a loss.  Your customers could also be paying an increased cost over ordering direct which could put them off re-ordering full stop.

With your own online ordering and app, you receive most of the order value, with only a small deduction for a card processing fee.  If you do charge a service or admin fee it goes to you, and you can ensure your customers get the best value when ordering direct and even offer reduced prices for your top customers.

App4’s expertise already help nearly 1,000 takeaways and restaurants across the UK take back control of their online ordering, providing them with their own ordering website and mobile app for a low monthly fee and a fixed card fee.

To learn more about how App4 can help you fix your costs, reduce your reliance on ordering platforms and increase your profits call us on 01332 418573 or click here for a call back.

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