Online ordering system for restaurants, takeaways & cafes

We have built 1000’s of online ordering systems, mobile apps and self-service kiosks for takeaways and restaurants.

Stop paying expensive commissions that reduce your profits and take back control of your online orders.

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Want more online orders, hate paying commissions, watching your profits fall?

Stop paying expensive commissions that reduce your profits, and stop giving your customers away.
Join 1000’s of takeaways, restaurants and cafes who have already saved over £75million in online ordering fees by having their own branded online ordering system.

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Grow Your Orders

We build customer friendly, quick and painless online ordering systems with built in loyalty and rewards that your customers will love to use over and over, helping to increase orders by 15-20%

Increase Your Profits

Stop giving away profits to the ordering platforms and service your customers direct. Paying no commissions goes straight on your bottom line, helping increase your profits by 25% or more

Improve Staff Efficiency

Digital ordering, powered by your customers, means your staff can concentrate on delivering the best possible service without affecting quality and a 25% increase in efficiency

Brands using App4 online ordering system

Reduce Costs
Saved per order

Get your own app and online ordering system and grow your profits

We build trusted and proven online ordering systems used by 1000’s of restaurants, takeaway, cafes and food halls to increase their direct orders.

We help grow your business and take back control of your online orders, with many restaurants and takeaways boosting profits by 25% in the first 12 months.

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Built with your business in mind.
Everything you need to grow your profits.
online ordering systems for takeaways & restaurants in the UK & Ireland

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Who generates more orders!
(Average Annual Order Value Per Site)
App4 (as of 01/24)
Just-Eat (as of 12/23)
Order Yoyo (as of 08/23)

Stop paying expensive commissions and grow your orders by 30%

Online ordering portals like Just-Eat, Uber & Deliveroo, can charge 15-35% commission on every online order they process and they own your customers!

With your own online ordering system from App4, you pay a fixed monthly fee and all money is paid direct to your bank and you own 100% of your customer data!

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The extra amount of profit App4 customers earn compared to the platforms


The average value of online orders App4 customers take via their own App & website

Reduce waiting times and serve more with self-service kiosks

Whether you are looking to combat staff shortages, reduce in store queues, or offer a simple and quick way to order & pay, self-service kiosks are great way to set your business apart from the competition.

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Reduce customer waiting times by up to 50%


Increase average order values by £5 or more!

Your own online ordering system will grow orders, reduce costs and boost profits

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qr code table ordering for cafes and restaurants in the UK & Ireland
Reduce Staff Costs
Average wage saving per year

Solve staff shortages and turn tables faster with QR table ordering

Increase your staff efficiency and turn tables quicker by offering QR code Order & Pay at table.

Enable your customers to browse, order and pay, with no staff interaction, reduced waiting times and increased order values.

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Increased staff efficiency through automation and allowing the customer to order themselves


Uplift in average order value as customers tend to order an extra side or more drinks

third party delivery management systems and driver management software

Lower takeaway delivery costs by utilising 3rd party delivery drivers

We integrate with leading delivery providers which allows you to offer takeaway delivery without employing any extra staff, at a fixed price per delivery.

Whether you want to offer delivery for the first time, reduce your wage bill by using delivery on-demand or simply need increased capacity on busy nights, we have the right solution for your business.

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All online ordering systems together

Simplify your takeaway restaurant with fully integrated online ordering systems

Make things easier by having your online ordering systems work together. App4 integrate with a wide range of Epos providers, order aggregators, delivery management and accounting systems to bring all your online order data together.

Epos Systems

Whether you are looking for a new EPOS or need us to work with your existing provider, App4 work with a range of EPOS providers direct or via UrbanPiper, Hubrise or Deliverect.

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Platform Orders

Bring all your online orders together in one place. View, process and print your Just-Eat, Deliveroo & Uber Eats orders alongside your App4 orders for easy and consistent printing.

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Delivery Management

Manage your delivery areas and charges, integrate to Shipday to manage your own drivers and deliveries or link with NASH Delivery, Orkestro and Stuart for on-demand delivery drivers.

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