App4 combines all your orders on one device

Combine your own online orders with the 3rd party online ordering platforms, into a single order terminal and printer to reduce the clutter and simplify your order management process.

Centralising your orders means only one printer, with the same receipt layout, making things super easy for your kitchen & staff. 

App4 Integrates with:

Simplify your kitchen receipts

Having your own online ordering plus 3rd party ordering platforms usually means different receipt sizes and layouts.  With App4 we can combine all your orders into a single terminal with the same receipt layout for all your online orders.

No more 'war of the tablets'

As none of the 3rd Part ordering platforms share equipment you can have several sets of tablets and printers or terminals.  With our combined solution you have one device, one size of paper to buy, and that’s it.

Reporting for all your sales

Having all your orders managed through one system means you can easily see a complete picture of all your online orders, allowing you to make the right decisions to grow your business and maximise your profits.

Why you should centrailse your 3rd party online orders

Having all your 3rd party and and direct online orders in once place provides your business with some massive benefits which will help you maximise your profits, these include:

App4 are leading the way in helping local food & drink businesses to grow their profits.

App4 has been growing its community of restaurant partners for the last 8 years.  App4 have already helped its partners save millions in potential commissions and we want to help even more local restaurants, takeaways, cafes and pubs to benefit.

6.6 million

Number of orders processed by App4 partners 

£38 million

Potential commissions saved by App4 partners

£5.75 per order

Average amount saved per order through App4