Adding technology to your restaurant could grow your order values

Restaurant owners who are undecided about updating their ordering and payment processes could be at risk of missing the boat on a 40% uplift in customer spend.

Research by PYMNTS in America, showed that the average customer picked 5 out of 20 technology features that could influence them to place an order or spend more. Millennials and Gen Z were the respondents most swayed by these options, choosing more than six on average.

The research also highlighted that the ability to order online is the most popular option among consumers, as 41% said it would drive them to make a purchase. Loyalty programs came in second, at 39%. Only 14% of consumers say technology did not sway them to purchase. Technology enthusiasts are the opposite of this minority, with various technology options motivating them to make purchases at restaurants.

Having technology within your restaurant can influence your customers to place an order, and with the right options, it could convince them to spend more money than they normally would. App4 have been working with restaurants and takeaways since 2014, to help them adopt the right technology to fit their businesses needs and to generate the greatest possible returns.

To find out how App4 could help your businesses increase its orders and grow the average customer spend, call us on 01332 418 573 or click here for a call back.

Original article by PYMNTS can be found here..

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