App4 integrates with Deliverect

We are really pleased to announce that App4 is now fully live with Deliverect. After going through the development and testing phase over the last few months, we are now available for all Deliverect customers via the Deliverect Market Place.

Here’s how our App4 integration works:

  • Deliverect establishes a connection between App4 and your in-house order management system. 
  • Orders made on App4 are then integrated directly to your POS.
  • You get a complete overview of all your orders on one device.
  • Deliverect sends automatic order status updates to App4 to keep them in the loop.
  • Thanks to the two-way integrations, you can also sync and manage your App4 menus directly from your POS.

More time, more profit, greater customer satisfaction

Save time and labour. Simplifying your order management flow frees up time for you and your team to focus on what matters most.

Accurate online orders. No more manual copying online orders to your POS. We automate the process to ensure 100% accuracy.

Increase your revenue. App4 + Deliverect makes it easy to explore new sales channels, so you can serve more happy customers and increase profits.

For more information on how App4 works with Deliverect and the benefits it brings to your business, call us on 01332 418 572 or click here to arrange a call back

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