App4 Integrates with HubRise

Over the last few months we have been working hard to add integration for a variety of Epos systems available in the UK, including EposNow, Revel, Touch Bistro and Clover to name a few.

We have now completed the full integration with HubRise, which offers a single point of integration into a variety of Epos, Marketing, Delivery and management applications, that many restaurants, takeaways, cafes and bars would benefit from linking up together.

It now means new and existing App4 customers can link their online ordering and marketing service with Point One, iIkentoo and 3S-POS Epos systems, as well as using delivery management services like OrderLord, or email marketing tools like Mailchimp.

By linking all your systems together, you have one central set of customer data, menus and prices, that are easy to manage, and you have the flexibility to add on new tools and services to your existing system.

HubRise also work with 3rd party order and delivery partners like Ubereats, so you can take full control of all your own online orders, your 3rd party platform orders, as well as you walk-in and telephone orders using your Epos.

To use the HubRise platform you pay a simple fixed monthly fee (£20-£25) and that’s it, you can then link up your epos, marketing, online ordering and customer data in one single platform, and start generating some real financial returns.

For more information on HubRise and the services it currently works with please visit  If you would like more information on how App4 works with HubRise and other Epos System please call us on 01332 742514 or click here for a call back.