Customers are left “un-appy” after hidden service charge increase from Just Eat.

Service provider Just Eat has been in the hot seat recently as customers noticed there service charge had discreetly been hiked up without warning leaving many feeling cheated.

The service charge which previously stood at 50p has been increased up to £1.99 with no clear indication to customers that the fee is not included in their total bill, especially for those who use Apple and Google Pay. No official announcement was made by the platform operators as they are set to make “tens of millions extra” from the charge.

Service charges on the Just Eat platform will be charged at 5% of each order and capped at £1.99, effecting those who order from restaurants using Just Eat’s own delivery service. Similar fees are set to customers who use other platforms including Uber Eats and Deliveroo who both charge comparable rates for their services.

Martyn James, a consumer rights expert, stated: “Companies like Just Eat work because they make life convenient, but it’s not convenient for consumers to not be told about charge hikes that will cost them considerably more in the long run. People need to know what they’ll pay up front in order to make an informed choice about the best company to use.”

At App4 we pride ourselves on the transparent pricing we offer to our customers. This is why we will never charge hidden costs. Our mission is to support local businesses to succeed by charging NO commissions. More recently we introduced a variety of pricing schemes so that all businesses can take the opportunity to better their services and increase their revenue.

You would not want your customers to feel duped when ordering from your restaurant via a third party, so take matters into your own hands. With the help of App4 you could have a bespoke app and website for your business to enable easy online ordering for your customers. You could save £’s in commissions and card charges that may be hidden by other providers.

For more information on our services and what we can do to support your business, call us now on 01332 742 511 or email

To read more, visit the full article in the Sun here

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