How Self-Service Kiosks Can Help Takeaway Businesses to Grow

Takeaway businesses are always looking for ways to improve their operations and offer a better customer experience. One highly effective and proven solution is the use of self-service kiosks.

Here we explore some of the key benefits that self-service kiosks can bring to your takeaway business:

  1. Increased Efficiency: Self-service kiosks can significantly speed up the ordering process and reduce wait times whilst freeing up staff to focus on other tasks. This can help takeaway businesses to serve more customers in less time, increasing overall efficiency and profitability by 15-20 %.
  2. Improved Customer Experience: Self-service kiosks provide a quick and convenient ordering experience, allowing customers to place their order without having to interact with staff. This can help to reduce order times by 50% and increase customer satisfaction, improving the overall customer experience.
  3. Increased Accuracy: Self-service kiosks can reduce the risk of human error, ensuring that orders are placed accurately and reducing the likelihood of incorrect orders. This can help takeaway businesses to reduce waste, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profits.
  4. Flexible Ordering Customisation: Self-service kiosks can allow customers to customise their orders more easily, providing a range of options and combinations. This can help takeaway businesses to meet the needs of a wider range of customers and increase sales and order values.
  5. Richer Customer Data: Self-service kiosks can provide valuable customer data, including purchase history and preferences. This can help takeaway businesses to optimise their menu offerings and target promotions to specific customers, increasing overall profitability.

It is simple to see that self-service kiosks can provide a range of benefits to takeaway businesses, from increasing efficiency to improving customer experience and collecting valuable customer data. They can also help takeaway businesses to reduce staff costs, offer greater customer choice and have a unique difference to their competition.

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