How to easily get your own Online Ordering & Mobile App

Getting your own online ordering & App or swapping from your current supplier should be much easier if you follow this guide.

One of the biggest perceived hurdles you’ll encounter with a new system is it will take up lots of your time and money and you don’t know if it will work.

Whether you’re looking to switch from your existing provider, or this is your first venture into online ordering on your own, it can seem like a big challenge.

The right provider should make the process as simple as possible, and in reality, you should have very little to do, and what you are required to do, the supplier should guide you every step of the way. When considering a supplier make sure the companies you are looking at make the process as easy as it can be for you.

The setup process should be handled in 4 simple steps:

  • You provide a copy of your menus, logos and any branding
  • The provider supplies you a set of designs to choose from and tailor
  • The provider enters all your menus and builds your App and website
  • The provider supplies you with equipment and full training to get started

The right provider should have a well established process that includes full guidance on the information you need to supply, when they will provide you with any feedback, and most importantly, a clear schedule of when you will be able to go live.

Can you easily update your menus yourself?

The system you choose should make it easy for you to be able to update your menu and prices as and when you need to. You shouldn’t be restricted to the provider doing all the changes as this can cause you issues. Ideally you should be able to access a system from anywhere in the world to update at your leisure.

Do you own your customer data?

When you have your own system, you are going to be collecting some really great data about your products, service and customers. It is very important that this data is yours to do as you wish, even if you decided to change suppliers at a later date. Make sure you have in writing, that you own your data and that you will be given a full copy of it should you change suppliers at a later date.

Do you get your own App in the App stores?

Your provider should supply you with your own individually listed App in the Apple and Android App stores. This is key so that you are promoting your business and brand, not the suppliers, and so that your customers are only dealing directly with your business. You do not want a ‘picker’ style App or ‘directory App’ as these are not designed just for you.

Make sure you get paid directly and any fees are clear?

Online and App users love to pay by card, its quick, convenient and it removes the need for cash to be carried, so having card payments as part of your service is crucial to its success. Make sure that all funds from the card payments go straight to you, and not via a 3rd party, as this will mean delays on you getting paid. Another thing to check, and have in writing, is the charges for processing the payments, how much will it cost per transaction and how will these fees be taken.

What are existing customers saying about the provider?

Every company will tell you their service is the best, but what are their actual customers saying?

Are there reviews online testifying the ease of use and simple setup process? Review sites such as are the most trusted third-party review sites. Check them out to get unbiased reviews before you jump into the wrong provider.

Ready for a simple and straightforward jump in to your own online ordering and mobile App? Contact us today for a 10 minutes chat with one of our business specialists who can go through your needs and requirements and demonstrate how we can provide everything you need.

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