I would like….more orders, lower costs, less mistakes & higher profits!

Pretty sure most businesses today would want all of these, or at least the magic formula that ensures success.  Whilst there is no one answer for all businesses the principles of achieving them are quite simple.

More Orders:

Generating more orders does not have to mean a big spend on advertising, it can be achieved by providing a great product, excellent service and a pleasurable customer experience. 

This is something I’m sure you already apply in store, but also needs to happen with your online and mobile ordering too.  If the customer can see all your products and it is easy to add items to their basket, they will then find the whole process is a great experience.

Making your customers experience as painless as possible will only encourage them to buy more often and spend more when they do. 

Lower Costs:

If you’re using a food portal for your online orders, you’re more than likely giving away 20%+ of the order value for the pleasure.  Studies show that around 80% of the people ordering through the portal would have ordered from you anyway, they just chose online as it is easier.

Having your own online ordering and mobile App will allow your customers to order direct but still carry all the benefits of the portals. By choosing a provider like App4, that charges a fixed fee, with no hidden extras, you should be able to reduce your costs significantly.

Less Mistakes:

Everyone makes mistakes, you, your staff, even the customer does (not that they admit it very often) so making sure you do everything you can to eliminate any mistakes is crucial.

Online ordering won’t get rid of every mistake, but it should dramatically reduce them.  Printing all orders on well sized usable receipts that don’t need to be hand written saves time and stops errors.  By getting the customer to ‘fill their own basket’ ensures in most cases, they are actually ordering what they want. Having a system that provides a consistent process helps you deliver a high-quality service.

Higher Profits:

If you are doing most or all of the above, this one should happen of its own accord.  A big part of what online ordering can bring to your business is insight. 

You can see what your customers are ordering, you know who they are and most importantly, you have a way to engage with them that will encourage them to love your business as much as you do and help you to increase your profits.

App4 provides a complete online and mobile ordering solution that is proven to increase orders, lower costs, reduce mistakes and help you engage with your customers to grow your business and profits, so possibly the answer to all your problems.

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