It’s not all about delivery, Click & Collect works too

The latest government advice encourages ordering using an App or online service, as it will help takeaway businesses manage orders and arrival times, allowing them to space out customer collections and successfully adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Similar to the way you order your groceries online, a Click & Collect system provides a given number of time slots for each day, once they have been used by people placing orders, it prevents any further orders being placed.

From a business point of view, it allows you to work to your capacity and available resources, so you can deliver the best possible service and food to your customers.

From your customers point of view, they know exactly what time to arrive to collect their food and waiting is kept to an absolute minimum.

App4 already provide a Click & Collect ordering service for their takeaway customers, which enables the business to tailor the number of orders per 10/20/30 minutes without changing the way an order is placed.

If you would like to know more about how our Click & Collect service could help you to increase the number of orders you can take per day, without breaking the social distancing guidelines, please call us on 01332 742 511 or click here for a call back.

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