Pub charges 30p more to order at bar!

Queing at the bar for a pint can make that cool lager or ale taste all the sweeter. 

But at The Coronation, it also makes the drinks more expensive.

Landlord Ben Cheshire is attempting to break the tradition of jockeying for bar staff’s attention at the bar by introducing two-tier pricing – to encourage patrons to order from their tables, using a QR code.

Customers who insist on ordering at the bar of the Bristol boozer will now pay up to 30p a pint more than those who order via the online menu.

‘The app gives the pub a nice atmosphere, there’s no queuing at the bar, no hassle at the bar, and you don’t have to interrupt your drink to go up and order’, Mr Cheshire said.

Read the full article by the Daily Mail here

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