QR Table Ordering Systems – Perfect for the Summer

As the weather gets better and beer gardens start to fill up, QR ordering systems become more important than ever. Here’s why.

With the Euros, the Olympics and Wimbledon on the horizon, there’s no doubt that 2024 is a summer of sport, and the App4 team cannot wait for everything to get started!

Chances are, your customers will be glued to your telly while it’s on – they’re not going to want to head to the bar while England are playing, so what can you do to help keep the drinks flowing during key sporting hours?

Adopt a QR order and pay at table service!

Having an ordering app or QR code on your tables will passively encourage your customers to continue ordering, and serves as a unique selling point of your venue. In this blog, we’ll run through how QR ordering/order and pay at table services work, the benefits of these systems and how you can equip your venue(s) for success.

What is a QR ordering/order and pay at table system?

As the name suggests, QR ordering allows your customers to pay from their table through your unique pay at table ordering system. 

It works both with and without an app (not everyone wants to download an app to their phone!). They make an order, it is automatically added to your EPOS, ready for you to serve. A seamless service for the customer, less effort for your staff and, perhaps more importantly, ZERO time away from the game!

What are the benefits of QR ordering for pubs, bars and restaurants?

As the summer begins in earnest, it’s important that you’re ready for an influx of patrons (and bigger queues). A QR ordering system is the perfect solution for any busy venue; here’s why:

Reduce waiting times

Nobody enjoys waiting at the bar, especially when England are playing. 

A QR ordering system completely eliminates the need for two things:

  • Queuing – Customers no longer need to queue, decluttering your bar area and allowing them to enjoy themselves consistently.
  • Manually taking orders – Your staff spend much of their time taking and processing orders. A QR ordering system means they no longer need to do this and can focus on making drinks and performing other duties.

If your venue has an order and pay at table system, people will come to you over a competitor that doesn’t offer the service. We all value convenience, and nothing is more convenient than ordering from your table.

Increase average order value

Our data shows that customers that order through an app or your website tend to spend more money than when they’re ordering at a bar. 

In general, customers spend £4.20 more on average when using QR ordering, or roughly a 20% increase in spend

Think about it – when you head to the bar, you have an idea in your head of what you’d like to order. When you’re presented with a menu, you will see things that you’d not considered and you’re more likely to find something extra that you’d like. 

Increase staff efficiency

As mentioned above, a QR ordering system cuts down on the number of jobs your staff need to complete. 

In fact, many of our clients report that table ordering improved their staff efficiency by 25%. Your staff have more time to focus on delivering the best possible service without affecting quality.

Reduce ordering errors

Ordering errors usually happen due to miscommunication over the bar. When your customers are ordering for themselves through their mobiles, errors are theirs, not yours!

Errors are usually reduced significantly as a result, as customers will take the time to check their orders before submitting. 

Works with and without an app

Lots of people don’t want to download an app. 

The beauty of QR codes is that it can direct people to a webpage where they can order without downloading an app or making an account. 

Regular customers can download the app if they want, but other punters might not want to, and that’s absolutely fine! Give them the option and they’ll use it. 

Why is it so important to have QR ordering during summer months?

QR ordering systems are important all year, of course, but they’re crucial during the summer months. 

People will visit your venue to watch the sports, as mentioned, but they’ll also want to spend time sitting in your beer garden – why head to the bar when you could be sitting in the sun having your drinks delivered?

Your venue will become a destination if you can order from the table. As QR ordering grows in popularity, customers are starting to expect it; don’t let them down!

How quickly can a QR ordering/order and pay at table system be installed?

If you’re looking to get a QR ordering system prepared and ready for the summer, you’re in luck!

Our specialists at App4 can create a fully branded table ordering system for your business and have you up and running in 10 days.

We take zero commissions, meaning that you keep all profits from your table ordering system. Get in touch with our specialists for a no-obligation chat about your new QR ordering system. 

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