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Give your restaurant or bar the edge with an online ordering and loyalty system

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Serve customers faster, grow order values and improve staff efficiency

Nothing annoys customers more than having queue or waiting to be served at the table. Your own table ordering app means customers can order quicker, order values increase as people are not rushed to order and staff can be more productive by servicing customers directly.

Empower your customers and raise the bar on service

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Engage with your customers directly and more effectively

By having your own restaurant online ordering & loyalty system, you can take control of your customers, fix your online ordering costs and increase your customer loyalty.

Reduce waiting times

Customers can simply sit down, scan a QR code and place their order – on average each customer will save at least 15 minutes and tables will turn faster with no waiting to pay.

Increase basket size

Customers have the freedom to browse the menu at their leisure which results in bigger orders – typically restaurants will see an increase in customer spend by £5 or more.

Improve staff efficiency

Removing the need for staff to take orders and seat customers, gives more time to serve, and you can provide a higher level of customer service, without adding extra cost.

Qr Code table ordering systems for bars & restaurants

QR code table ordering

Offer your customers the flexibility to order food and drinks direct to their table, saving you and your staff time, with all orders paid securely by card up front.

QR codes on your table or menu means customers can simply scan the code, view the menu, place an order and pay, with no need to download an app or create an account, making the process efficient and seamless.

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Menu management with App4 back office

Live menu management

With your table ordering connected to our back office you can easily update prices, add menu items and take products off the menu in seconds.

Using availability times you can easily make menu sections or menu items only available at certain times of day or days of the week, ideal for happy hours specials or sunday menus.

mobile ordering app with customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Adding your own customer loyalty system is a great way to encourage customers to visit more often, to try new items on your menu and increase how much they spend.

Our loyalty system allows you to build a ‘loyalty ladder’ that rewards your customers for dining more regularly with the ability to influence how they use the rewards and when.

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App4 back office management reporting

Business Reporting

Having your own restaurant online ordering and loyalty app means you have access to rich customer data that can really help you maximise customer experience and spend.

Accessed via the app4 back office you can gain insights in to customer spending habits, menu item selection and pricing factors, allowing you to tailor your offering to provide the optimal level of service and profitability.

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