Save over £9000 with App4 compared to Flipdish & Slerp

App4 were probably one of the first businesses in the industry to use a cost saving calculator on our website.  We wanted businesses to easily calculate the savings they could make by getting their customers to order direct, rather than through the large online ordering portals.

As you can imagine, over the years our competitors have chosen to copy what we do, so they can claim to ‘provide the same as App4’ or say they ‘provide even greater savings’ but in our own experience this has rarely, if ever, been the case.

A really easy way to show this is using the Flipdish and Slerp cost calculators on their own websites.  Taking the typical business doing 500 orders a month with an average order value of £25 we can compare the results:

ProviderMonthly SavingAnnual Saving
(Figures Captured on 14th July 2022)

As you can see the savings that you can make vary, but one thing is clear, you could be between £7,800 and £9,300 better off by choosing App4.

Price shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision, and we always ask customers to look at what is included in the package and contract.  At App4 we include everything as standard, nothing hidden, excluded or extra after a few months, so the savings could be even higher when you compare what we offer ‘like-for-like’.

For more on how App4 could help you save the most on your online ordering and provide you with everything you need for a fixed affordable price, call us on 01332 418573 or click here for a call back.

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