Steve’s top tips for a bigger slice of the profits

How do I move my customers from the online portals to my own website and App?

This is the big question I want to answer for our customers and other takeaways.

The big online businesses spend £millions in cost per acquisition per customer. This could be from national advertising, TV adverts, branded cabs in your cities, and this is to name but a few.

They then ask consumers to download their app, in return for an offer or a discount. We all like a discount, something for nothing. Well why not use this to your businesses benefit.

You can win these customers from the large national online order providers. You already have the best ‘salesperson’ in place…your delivery drivers.

The most welcoming scene on a cold night waiting for your food order to be delivered is the site of the delivery driver arriving outside your house or office.

With a little training, your delivery drivers can win you so many more customers. Get them to talk to the customers, provide them with an incentive to convert them from the online portals, simply stating to download your App from the Appstore and enjoy a discount for your first order or subsequent orders.

A customer is a creature of habit, they buy 90% of the same order each week each time. If you can make it easier and cheaper and a better service, then you will win the customers hearts and stomachs.

The Second Big question I want to circulate out to all you restaurants owners out there…

How much do you spend each month on producing menu’s for them only to be disgarded with the waste from your customers takeaway?

My professional guess, would be you are spending around £250 per month on Menu’s that are not being read.

You can communicate with the customer with the use of a sticker on your containers, on the outside of takeaway bags, and of course online, direct into the best personal advertising space, your phone.

The team at App4 can help you to reduce your spend on paper menu’s, using jusr half of this budget by providing you with a great online ordering system that is about your restaurant, your business and your customers.

Move them, keep them, reward them.

You make more money per order, reduce your marketing costs and of course delight your customers.

If you would like more info on the service we provide and how you could earn a extra £3.55 on every online order, please call us on 01332 742 511 or click here to request a call back.

Steve K.

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