We talk Apps with The Spice Lounge Derby

We recently cought up with owner of The Spice Lounge in Derby, who have been working with App4 since 2015, to see how App has helped their business over the last 6 years, and continues to do so.

Tell us how you started out with App4?

I think it was about five or six years ago now. We needed a website with an ordering system where people could go on and order. So, we just Googled local websites and the name App4 came up!

How has your experience been with App4?

We’ve got no issues as we have built up a strong relationship with the company. It’s like we have a personal service and even though App4 has grown, they’ve still managed to keep the personal touch. The service has been fantastic.

Which feature of the app has benefitted you the most?

Our favourite feature of the app is the clarity and the design it provides us. It’s different to other companies, the website is fantastic. The ordering system is good for us as we use click and collect the most.

How has App4 supported your business throughout the pandemic?

If we ever needed any support, we could go direct to App4 and speak to them about anything. The customer account managers were very fast with their replies. For instance, we had to put on the website that we were closed because of the pandemic, and the next day it was on there. Their customer service is very quick.

Would you recommend App4 to other businesses thinking to sign up?

I’ve always recommended App4. I think last three or four restaurants we recommended to App4 now use it for their own business. So yes, I always recommend it. We are opening a new restaurant soon, so I recommended App4 to my business partners and we have signed up today!

What are your thoughts on all restrictions being lifted?

I’m hoping it’s going to help, but I think it’s going to be temporary because of the new variant increasing infection. I have my fingers crossed, it should help us, but I’m still uncertain.

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