Your online store is as important as your physical one!

On my lunch break the other day, I decided to have a walk round town whilst the weather was nice as apparently, it’s meant to be good for you.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple of new food businesses that had opened, almost opposite each other; one specialising in burgers and the other in peri peri chicken. Both businesses had really gone to town on the presentation of the shop frontage, fit out, serving areas and even the staff uniform and appearance, which really did make them stand out from the other businesses on the same road.

Being the nosey person I am, I immediately jumped on Google, to see if they were part of a chain or independents, and it was at this point I was very disappointed to see that both businesses had not applied the same level of detail and professionalism to their online presence and ordering.

Both businesses had decided to rely on either a generic ordering platform, with a very poor templated, lacklustre design and NO flair or individualism, or for a basic ordering service, with NO individual brand presence and in no way a representation of the amount of effort and detail they had gone to with their physical shops.

You could say “Ian, you are bound to say that if they are not using App4” but that’s not the case. In today’s market, having the best possible representation for your business online, as well as in person, is extremely important.

Many customers these days will likely NEVER come to your shop. In fact, they may not even know where the shop is exactly, and so, not only does your online presence and ‘profile’ need to do the same job as your extremely well branded and fitted store, but the ordering process needs to be as efficient and easy to use as walking up to the counter in person.

At App4 we work with each business to put together a fully branded, professionally presented and customer orientated website and online ordering service. Our aim is to ensure that whether your customer comes to you online or in person, they get to see the time and effort you have put in to providing the best possible service and product that they will want to enjoy time and time again.

My advice to any new or existing business is to ensure that when choosing a company to look after your website and online ordering, you work with one that really understands the importance of presenting your brand and service at its best, to your customers, because it will massively effect your level of success if you don’t.

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